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Aftermath: the Municipal building, and the

library within it, were burned to the ground in

political violence on May 5, 2003

Borrowing books, Chicacao

Chicacao parade: Let's have a town of


New books for Chicacao

Barney in the Chicacao library

Mary with new books for Chicacao

Chicacao library activity1

Chicacao library activity2

Chicacao library activity3

Chicacao library activity4

Chicacao library activity5

Chicacao, Dept. of Suchitepequez

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In the mid-1990s, teachers from Chicacao, a small town in Guatemala's Pacific foothills, banded together and founded a library.

Led by the dynamic Flor de Maria, the library committee built a collection book-by-book. By 2003, the library had a space in

Chicacao's municipal building, with wood furniture, computers, and a decent collection.

On May 5, 2003, the muncipal building, the fire station, and the mayor's house were burned to the ground in political violence.

Five months later, we made our first trip to Chicacao on the recommendation of Rigoberto Zamora of PROBIGUA.