Books and Wings Foundation of Guatemala, Inc.

Barney S. bringing books to Chicacao

Blancadilia A, Principal, Instituto Basico,

San Pedro Cutzan

Blanquita E., librarian, Chicacao

David, Ana & family, San Juan la Laguna

Flor de Maria, Principal, Chicacao

Israel P., ex-principal, Tecun Uman School,


John R. - he showed up

Alcalde of Rio Bravo, Juan Francisco Lopez

Diaz, with Mary

Ludwin M., driver extraordinaire, hauling

bins of books to Tiquisate

Marco Aurelio M.R., teacher/retired

principal, Chicacao

Marleny, Olga, Nancy, Cristian

Martita and Oscar


Oscar M., retired 6th gr. teacher, Tiquisate



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Going home is an article Mary wrote for our adoption agency's newsletter in 1999, shortly after we made our first return trip to


Books and Wings: Keeping a Promise, Fulfilling a Dream tells the story of the Tiquisate library's opening.

Library Chronology lists some of the Tiquisate library's first milestones.

In May, 2013, the library in Tiquisate participated in a promotional event for a nation-wide campaign called "Leamos

Juntos" (Let's Read Together). (PHOTOS)


Friends of Guatemalan Children: