Books and Wings Foundation of Guatemala, Inc.

Becados with flag

Ana Francisca, Chicacao, 11th gr.

Antonio V., hoping to return to University in


Aurelia w/ baby, Junior in HS

Aydee V., hopes to return to 3rd year

University in Education in 2014

Brenda B., Rio Bravo, studying in University

extension on weekends

Brenda F., studying to be a Social Worker in

University on the weekends.

Carlos, 8th grade, Chicacao

Cinthia B., 10th grade

Consuelo B., Rio Bravo, studying Agronomy

at National Agricultural School in Barcenas.

Eduardo M., deceased

Edgar D., studying University in Xela

Fabian R., graduating from HS in Fall, 2013

Francisco HS graduation

Jelder A., studying in University extension

on the weekends, waiting for a kidney


Jennifer H., 10th grade

José Roberto, graduating from HS in Fall,


Karen V., 10th gr. graphic design student

Karla, graduating from HS in Fall, 2013. In

charge of the library on the weekends.

Kristel M., studying pre-med in Xela

Leydy M., current whereabouts unknown

Laureano as 7th grader. He's worked in the

local credit union since High School, and is

scheduled to graduate from University in


Lilian, graduating from HS, Fall, 2013

Lusvin R., 10th gr. Agronomy student

04-2013 Maria Mercedes y Mayra Leticia.

Both are in University and teaching

computer classes in the library

Marlon in 2004, now an electrician

Mayra F., hopes to return to University in


Birthday party for Mayra (pink), 7-2012. 3rd

year University in Accounting, 2nd in charge

of Tiquisate library.

Mildred D., expecting 2nd child

Oscar Leonel C. with Mary, 2nd year

Engineering, Universidad Mariano Galvez.

Nilda E., 9th grade

Noe D., 10th gr. Agronomy student

Omar X., 10th gr. Agronomy

Sindi M.

Teresita HS graduation, hoping to return to

4th year University in 2014

Victoria P., HS Junior in book keeping

Veronica M., graduating from University in

nursing, 2014

Victoria HS graduation

Wilson S., graduating from Technical School

in Agronomy, Fall, 2013

Yoselin H., Rio Bravo, graduating from HS in

Fall of 2013, hoping to continue studying in

University in 2014.

Zoila T., graduated as a Nurses Aide

Field trip to Xocomil water park

Scholarship students preparing new books

Preparing new books in the library

Antigua field trip, July, 2012

Antigua field trip, July, 2012

English class for scholarship students given

by Ms. Ana de Jurado.

Visiting the Guatemalan National Library,

July, 2012.


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With the generous help of sponsors, Books and Wings is able to offer 23 scholarships this year. Students are chosen based on

good scholarship and financial need; they may not be related to teachers or school administrators.

“Becados” (Scholarship students) keep their scholarships by maintaining their grades, and are required to work in the library as

aides each week. They receive a monthly stipend and their own reference books, and may participate in occasional field trips.

Without their scholarships, most of these kids would enter the workforce as manual laborers, condemned to live the rest of their

lives in poverty.