Books and Wings Foundation of Guatemala, Inc.

Borrowing books, Tiquisate

Teacher training, Tiquisate

Teachers from a rural school receiving a

mini library of books on loan.

"Cajas viajeras" - traveling books

Barriles rural school, Tiquisate

Barriles rural school

Barriles rural school -


Barriles rural school

Teachers borrow bags of books ("Bolsas

viajeras") to use w/ their students, Tiquisate

Clariza preparing bins of books to take to

rural schools

Teacher training in Chicacao co-sponsored

with the National Reading Council

Chicacao teacher training

Venn diagrams teach critical thinking,


Tiquisate teacher training

Chicacao, International Book Day festivities

Chicacao, International Book Day

Chicacao, International Book Day

Story hour, Tiquisate annual summer


Biblioteca Chicacao

Ponderosa School outreach, Tiquisate

Ponderosa School, Tiquisate

Ponderosa School, Tiquisate

Ponderosa School, Tiquisate


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Books and Wings provides services to rural schools outside of Tiquisate and Chicacao through story hours and loans of mini-

libraries. Teacher and librarian trainings have been provided through the Reicken Foundation, Probigua, Child Aid, the National

Library of Guatemala, the National Reading Council (Consejo de Lectura), and others.